Libreville, Gabon 2013 - 2014

When we moved to Gabon I did not know what to expect.  I was game for anything but had very few expectations.  Some aspects were a wonderful surprise, but some were very difficult.  It was lush, green and full of flowering trees and bushes.  LOVE!  The infrastructure was flawed in many ways, and we saw bits and pieces of political unrest.  The people of Libreville were happy, with amazing smiles.  I was privileged enough to get to visit and help one of the local orphanages.  I wanted to take half of them home with me.  One girl in particular touched my heart.  She was beautiful.  The photos of her melt me.  

Libreville 1
LSD_6376 - Version 2
Libreville 2
Libreville 3
LSD_5829 (1)
LSD_6316 - Version 2

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